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Welcome to ABATE of California

ABATE (American Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education) of California is a Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) dedicated to preserving individual freedom and promoting safety. We fully support rider training, safety and educational programs. Our members also raise funds for the less fortunate, through charity runs and benefits. We encourage our members to become active in their local communities. 


ABATE works to protect the rights of all motorcyclists through direct involvement in the political process. Part of our job is to be a legislative watchdog for you. ABATE has a full time lobbyist in Sacramento keeping track of legislative bills that affect or are of interest to motorcyclists. You, as an individual, can help in the ongoing struggle against anti-motorcycle legislation both here in California and across the United States by becoming an ABATE member.


ABATE is non-partisan and welcomes all riders, on-road and off-road. We urge those with a strong interest in motorcycling to unite and become part of one of California's strongest motorcycle rights organizations. ABATE feels that all of us, lifestyle rider to off-road fan, are brothers and sisters with a common interest -- riding free.

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(ABATE of California, Inc. is a not-for-profit tax-exempt 501c7 California Corporation) 







New Survey! - 2022 National Motorcycle Profiling Survey - Take the Survey!


Recently, the National Motorcycle Profiling Survey 2020-2021 concluded and the results definitively demonstrate that motorcycle profiling is an epidemic in America. Many motorcyclists in America have been targeted based on appearance, not behavior. 


Please take the time to take the 2022 National Motorcycle Profiling Survey. Note: NO PERSONAL DATA IS REQUIRED! YOUR PRIVACY AND ANONYMITY ARE IMPORTANT AND RESPECTED. By asking for no more than your zip code and email, which is completely voluntary, there is no personal information to maintain or protect.

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  • Go to:

  • Join or if you have already, login. 

  • In the dropdown window below your name at the top right, select "cause".

  • Where it states WHO DO YOU SEARCH FOR enter: ABATE.

  • Select: American Brother Aimed Toward Education - ABATE - California (Hesperia) from the list.

  • Then in the SEARCH window start your search as you normally would.

  • That's it, click and make funds for ABATE of CA.






UPDATE:  Unfortunately, Governor Newsom signed this bill into law on 9/27/2022

AB2496 Petrie-Norris (D-Laguna Beach) has passed the Senate Apportions Committee and currently on the Senate floor to be voted on! If passed, it returns to the Assembly for concurrence! 

The bill will allow any Cop who thinks your pipes are too loud to issue you a fix it ticket! If not approved by a Smog Station you will not be allowed to register your Motorcycle!!  Law Enforcement with no training or noise sounding equipment can write you a fix-it ticket!


H. Res.366 - More than two years ago, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a nonbinding resolution condemning the discriminatory profiling of motorcyclists by law enforcement (S. Res. 154), and now the U.S. House of Representatives has once again introduced a similar bipartisan measure in the 117th Congress, H. Res. 366; “Promoting awareness of motorcyclist profling and encouraging collaboration and communication with the motorcycle community and law enforcement offcials to prevent instances of profiing.” Sponsored once again by Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI), the anti-profiling resolution was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on April 30, 2021.  For more information about this resolution and to send a letter to your representative, see the following LINK.


Most Recent Bailing Wire Posted

The most recent issue of "The Bailing Wire", ABATE's magazine for motorcyclists, has been posted here on the website. Click on the "Newsletter" button on the drop down menu or follow this LINK to see the latest info on activity at the State Capitol and ABATE Locals.

IMPORTANT - The OCTOBER, 2022 Bailing Wire addition contains the VOTERS GUIDE for the November 8th election!

Please Support our Business Members

ABATE of California is fortunate to have many businesses and organizations supporting our efforts. Please support them and give them your business. Click HERE to view their business cards with a link to their web sites if you want more information.  

Quarterly Board Meetings

2023 1ST QUARTERLY BOARD MEETING - Saturday, January 7th

The California ABATE Board of Directors conducts quarterly meetings to share information and publicly make decisions that affect the direction of ABATE at the State and Local level.  The 4th Quarterly Board Meeting of 2022 was held on Saturday, October 29th, on-line via Zoom.  Contact your ABATE Local President for an update on what was discussed.

The 1st Quarterly Board Meeting of 2023 will be held on January 7th starting at 9:00 AM Pacfic Time.  We are pleased to announce that the meeting will be held in-person at a Simi Valley location.  The meeting will also be available on-line via Zoom for those that can't attend in person.  More details will be provided closer to the meeting time.  Please mark your calendars and stay tuned for the details.  

Attendees at Quarterly meetings are welcomed to attend all parts of the meeting, however, the members are only able to vote when needed during the Presidents/Officers/Board Meeting.  PAC (Political Action Committee) meeting decisions are made by the PAC and Board of Directors only.  We encourage everyone to attend these meetings to find out what is happening within the organization.  ABATE is your organization and only works with the members participation. 

Find a Local Near You - !NEW!

ABATE of California has 16 Locals throughout the state. Click HERE to find the local nearest to you and join them for their monthly meeting.

ABATE Business Cards

ABATE business cards, return address labels, and refrigerator magnets are available now. Contact your Local president, Regional Representative, or the State office for info on how to order. 

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