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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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 2017-18 California Assembly Transportation Committee

 Committee Members District   Phone  E-mail
Jim Frazier - Chair Dem-11 (916) 319-2011 Email Assemblymember Jim Frazier
Vince Fong -Vice Chair Rep-34 (916) 319-2034 Email Assemblymember Vince Fong
Cecilia M Aguiar-Curry  Dem-04 (916)319-2004  Email Assemblymember Cecilia M Aguiar-Curry
Catharine B. Baker Rep-16 (916) 319-2016 Email Assemblymember Catharine B. Baker
Marc Berman
Dem-24 (916) 319-2024 Email Assemblymember Marc Berman
Raul Bocanegra  Dem-39  (916) 319-2039 Email Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra
Kansen Chu  Dem-25 (916) 319-2025 Email Assemblymember Kansen Chu
Tom Daly  Dem-69 (916) 319-2069 Email Assemblymember Tom Daly
Laura Friedman  Dem-43 (916) 319-2043 Email Assemblymember Laura Friedman
Matthew Harper  Rep-74 (916) 319-2074
Email Assemblymember Matthew Harper
Devon Mathis  Rep-26 (916) 319-2026 Email Assemblymember Devon Mathis
Jose Medina  Dem-61 (916) 319-2061 Email Assemblymember Jose Medina
Adrin Nazarian  Dem-46 (916) 319-2046 Email Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian
Patrick O'Donnell  Dem-70 (916) 319-2070 Email Assemblymember Patrick O'Donnell

2017-18 Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

 Committee Members  District Phone   Email
Jim Beall - Chairman Dem-15 916-651-4015 Email Senator Jim Beall
Anthony Cannella - Vice Chair
916-651-4012 Email Senator Anthony Cannella
Benjamin Allen Dem-26 916-651-4026 Email Senator Benjamin Allen
Toni Atkins Dem-39 916-651-4039 Email Senator Toni Atkins
Patricia Bates Rep-36 916-651-4036 Email Senator Patricia Bates
Ted Gaines Rep-1 916-651-4001
Email Senator Ted Gaines
Tony Mendoza  Dem-32 916-651-4032 Email Senator Tony Mendoza
Mike McGuire Dem-2  916-651-4002 Email Senator Mike McGuire
Mike Morrell Rep-23  916-651-4023 Email Senator Mike Morrell
Richard Roth Dem-31 916-651-4031 Email Senator Richard Roth
 Nancy Skinner  Dem -9  916-651-4009 Email Senator Nancy Skinner
Bob Wieckowski Dem-10 916-651-4010 Email Senator Bob Wieckowski
 Scott Wiener  Dem-11  916-651-4011 Email Senator Scott Wiener


2017-18 Senate Appropriations Committee

 Committee Members District   Phone  E-mail
Richard Lara - Chairman Dem-33 916-651-4033 Email Senator Richard Lara
Patricia Bates - Vice Chair
Email Senator Patricia Bates
Jim Beall Dem-15 916-651-4015 Email Senator Jim Beall
Steve Bradford Dem-35 916-651-4035 Email Senator Steve Bradford
Jerry Hill Dem-13 916-651-4013 Email Senator Jerry Hill
Jim Nielsen Rep-04 916-651-4004 Email Senator Jim Nielsen
Scott Wiener Dem-11 916-651-4011 Email Senator Scott Wiener

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