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Saturday, April 1, 2023

“It is seldom that liberty of 

any kind is lost all at once.”     

– David Hume


  • ABATE supported the establishment and the expansion of the award-winning California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP), and holds a permanent seat on the CMSP Advisory Committee.

  • ABATE assisted in the defeat of a proposed federal ban on sport bikes.

  • ABATE has been a driving force in promoting May as "Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month”.

  • ABATE’s political action arm, ABATEPAC, has trained and organized campaign volunteers to assist in the campaigns of candidates supportive of motorcyclists’ rights, which has raised the visibility and credibility of California motorcyclists with local, state and federal politicians.

  • ABATE Locals are involved with collecting money for charities and those in need. Tons of food and truckloads of toys are also donated each year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, working in partnership with community charity organizations.

  • ABATE helped to open High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to motorcycles.

  • ABATE successfully challenged the San Diego Police Department over enforcement of the helmet law in federal court.

  • ABATE was instrumental in getting approval for Purple Heart motorcycle plates.

  • ABATE joined other MROs to lobby the insurance industry, putting an end to their “Superbike Blacklist” of high-performance bikes that they refused to insure.

  • ABATE helped defeat two separate bills to outlaw “lane-splitting”.

  • ABATE worked alongside virtually every national and state motorcycle rights organization and lobbied Congress aggressively to successfully repeal federal highway funding penalties against states without helmet laws.

  • ABATE supported the passage of H.R. 3103 in 1996, which prohibits discrimination against motorcyclists in health care availability and affordability.

  • ABATE was the driving force that prevented helmet law violations from being assessed against the driver’s license as a moving violation.

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