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Thursday, July 25, 2024

“It is seldom that liberty of 

any kind is lost all at once.”     

– David Hume


ABATE- Lobbyist Accomplishment Highlights

  • Steered CHP committee providing safety guidelines and legalizing Lane Splitting
  • Passed yearly "May is Motorcycle Awareness Month" Resolution in the CA State Assembly & Senate
  • Passed Senate Resolution 41 by Senator Caballero (D - Salinas) Anti-profiling Resolution
  • Lobbied Caltrans to post "Look Twice for Motorcycles" and "Share the Road with Motorcycles" on their Freeway Message signs
  • Stopped Transponders on Motorcycles for Autonomous Vehicle Recognition from advancing thru Strategic Highway Safety Plan Advisory Committee
  • Passed Bill legalizing Motorcycles use of HOV lanes in California
  • Defeated a bill by Assemblywoman Lafollette outlawing Lane Splitting by Motorcyclists in California
  • Passed a bill requiring riders under 21 taking the Motorcycle Safety Program Training Classes
  • Passed bill diverting Court fees on Helmet Violations to Support Motorcycle Safety Program
  • Protect Yearly the Motorcycle Safety Trust Fund, where Motorcycle registration Fees are deposited
  • Blocked a bill allowing Cameras to issue Motorcycle Noise tickets
  • Defeated a bill allowing Cameras to issue Speeding Tickets
  • Defeated bill requiring all Motorcycles pass an annual Smog test
  • Passed bill grandfathering in pre 2016 motorcycle pipes for noise levels
  • Defeated bill requiring Motorcyclists to wear Hi Vis Reflective Vests
  • Passed bill legalizing Ape-hanger Handlebars above your shoulders
  • Monitored over 2500 bills introduced and amendment by the California Legislature to see impact on Motorcyclists and their bikes every Year

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