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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Because ABATEPAC votes on such critical issues as candidate endorsements and candidate contributions, it is necessary to keep a record of who is a voting member at all times. There are two ways to become a voting member of ABATEPAC, First, each Local is entitled to one vote at any ABATEPAC meeting. This vote may be cast by the Local’s current PAC officer or by the Local president if no PAC officer exists. The president may also send an alternate to vote for the local, but the alternate must bring written authorization from the president in order to vote on behalf of the Local.

Membership in ABATEPAC is also open to any member of ABATE who attends two consecutive ABATEPAC meetings. To maintain your voting right, you must not miss two meetings in a row. A sign-in sheet is circulated at the beginning of each meeting so that the ABATEPAC Secretary can maintain the attendance/membership records. Any member of ABATE may also request the minutes of the most recent ABATEPAC meeting by providing the secretary (c/o the State Office) with a self-addressed envelope.

All of ABATEPAC’s activities need direct assistance from the Locals and their members. Almost all the money available to ABATEPAC comes from the Locals, and the Local officers are instrumental in gathering information on the candidates in their areas. In the same sense, Locals are also key to mobilizing action for or against the political candidates in their particular area. Therefore, ABATE’s success in preserving the freedoms of the road will continue to depend on the cooperation and communication between ABATEPAC and the Locals. Stay involved!

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