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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

ABATE Discussion Mailing List

Participation in the ABATE Discussion Mailing List is limited to members of ABATE Of California in good standing.  Subscribers are requested to conform to Current ABATE Of California Internet Policies and proper E-mail etiquette whenever using the ABATE Discussion mailing list.

The mailing list has three subscription modes:

E-mail Mode:
Each message posted is immediately forwarded to all "E-mail Mode" subscribers.

Digest Mode:
One digest of the days posts are sent out each night in a single message.

Abridged Mode:
Only the list of messages is sent to the subscriber each day. The subscriber may view the messages via the Google Groups web site.

Subscribers may elect to change mode at any time by making a request via E-mail from their subscribed address, or by signing in at

Current ABATE Of California Internet Policies

  • Abide by ABATE Policies and Procedures as defined in ABATE's Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Use good judgment. Try to work constructively rather than destructively.  Seek guidance when necessary.

  • Refrain from posting material which may be interpreted as negative to, or conflict within the organization, or which may otherwise tarnish the image of ABATE Of California and/or other MROs, especially in mediums that are accessible to non-members such as web sites. Also refrain from sending ABATE material and discussions to others outside the organization via any medium, especially E-mail.

  • NEVER post messages to multiple recipients when posting to ABATE Discussion, especially other mailing lists. Non-subscribers have no way to respond and often attempt to. This confuses and frustrates them. If you want to post to other mailing lists, do it in a separate message.

  • Make an effort to keep posted material up to date and accurate.

  • No profanity on the web sites or mailing lists.

  • Post only material which is relevant to the causes of ABATE Of California and the sport of motorcycling in general. No humor, virus alerts or other unrelated material.

  • Try to avoid posting attachments. When possible, send your post as a plain text message so that they are more easily readable.

  • Whereas this mailing list is established exclusively for the use by members of ABATE Of California, and for the meaningful exchange of ideas and dialogue between ABATE members only, the use of "handles" rather than names as an "identity" is discouraged. Those subscribers who prefer to use handles instead of using their full name as their identity are therefore required to identify themselves to other ABATE Discussion subscribers if requested to do so after posting one or more messages to the ABATE Discussion Mailing List. Subscribers wishing to remain anonymous or who prefer not to identify themselves are asked to refrain from posting messages to the Mailing List, but may continue to receive messages as a subscriber. 

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