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Thursday, July 25, 2024

ABATE of California is more than just a statewide circle of motorcycle lovers. Membership provides you access to a wide variety of legal resources, news updates and regional events. (These programs are subject to change.)

Members receive a sew-on patch for their first year membership and year pins thereafter.

Our monthly newsletter, "The Bailing Wire", is available online every month. Printed copies are available every other month at our Local meetings, our Business Members throughout California, and for a small fee can be mailed to your address. All Members may advertise in the The Bailing Wire's classified section at no cost.

A sponsored political action committee exists (ABATEPAC) to assist members wishing to become more politically aware and involved. ABATE employs a full-time registered lobbyist in Sacramento whose responsibilities include monitoring bills and regulations of interest to motorcyclists. 

• ABATE offers standardized court documents to assist members with contesting traffic violations.

• ABATE continues to collect and analyze statistical data on motorcycle safety and legislation.

• ABATE also offers updated media packages to help our Locals introduce ABATE of California to the media in their area.

• ABATE publishes a detailed Voter’s Guide for every Primary and General election in the state of California.

• ABATE sponsors, through the state organization as well as the Locals, hundreds of events to give motorcycle riders in California more opportunities to enjoy their motorcycles.

• ABATE participates in the California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP) and has a permanent seat on its Advisory Committee.

These programs are some of things ABATE has done for its members’ benefit. As resources increase, we hope to be able to offer even more. Members' suggestions and comments are greatly encouraged.

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