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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Stay Involved - If you want change and to protect your rights, remember

Decisions Are Made and Affected By Those Who Show Up 



Article 2 Sec 1: "All political power is inherent in the people. Government  is instituted for their protection, security and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good may require."

ABATEPAC and the California Legislative Process 


ABATE of California is a motorcycle rights organization dedicated to preserving individual freedoms and promoting safety. ABATEPAC was formed as a sponsored Political Action Committee of ABATE of California. ABATEPAC (or the PAC Committee, as it is commonly referred to), exists for the purpose of giving the ABATE membership the opportunity to:

  • Direct the political action of the organization (such as the authoring and movement of our bills through the legislature.)
  • Become more involved in the political process through direct and indirect participation in elections, election campaigns and the consideration of legislation.
  • Prepare, provide and disseminate educational materials regarding motorcycle-related legislation and issues.

Everyday citizens and representatives of various interest groups ask elected officials to take a particular stance on issues. Many people find it intimidating and confusing trying to navigate the legislative process. This is where ABATEPAC becomes involved for the ABATE member. The main focus of ABATEPAC is protecting, preserving, and maintaining your rights on and off road. ABATEPAC does the research on bills to determine if and how they affect motorcyclists. Through their analysis of bills ABATEPAC can recommend if we support or oppose a bill. If appropriate an Action Alert is issued to contact legislators. The strength of our voice in government is increased by acting as one group. 

If you are an ABATE member JOIN ABATEPAC (ABATE membership required) to add your voice to our cause

If not an ABATE member Join ABATE and then JOIN ABATEPAC

For ABATEPAC to remain a cohesive and effective group communication with the Legislative Director and committee is crucial. The current Legislative Director and Committee Officers are listed on our website and in the Bailing Wire. In addition to the work done by ABATEPAC there are things you can do to become more aware and effective in protecting our rights:

  • Know who your representative are in local, State, and federal government
  • Get to know your representative. Attend public meetings where you can learn their concerns on issues that affect us. They can be either allies or opponents. You want to establish a working relationship with your representative and their staff. 
  • Meet with your representative. Contact their make an appointment. State Legislators are frequently in their District Offices on Friday. Whether your issue is personal or ABATEPAC related, Be prepared to directly identify the issue, your concerns, and how the bill or law will affect you and the motorcycling community. If you are speaking on a motorcycle issue that your message is the same as the PAC committee so we speak as one voice.
  • Volunteer for representatives that ABATEPAC supports. There are numerous ways to volunteer your help and often are sent in Action Alerts.They vary from stuffing envelopes, manning phone banks, and distributing flyers.
  • Watch the Legislature in Action: Floor sessions of the Assembly and Senate as well as Legislative Committee hearings are open to the public. Visitor galleries for the Assembly and senate are on the third floor of the Capitol. If you do not live close to Sacramento, Legislative hearings can also be viewed on the California Channel(check your local cable listings). Audio and video can also be found online at,, and
  • VOTE!!!







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