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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Getting involved in ABATEPAC


ABATEPAC was formed as a sponsored Political Action Committee of ABATE of California in 1988. ABATEPAC (or the PAC Committee, as it is commonly referred to), exists for the purpose of giving the ABATE membership the opportunity to:

  • Direct the political action of the organization (such as the authoring and movement of our bills through the legislature.)

  • Become more involved in the political process through direct and indirect participation in elections, election campaigns and the consideration of legislation.

  • Prepare, provide and disseminate educational materials regarding motorcycle-related legislation and issues.

  • Learn more about the political process.

Learn more about the Lobbyist Fund


The Chairman of ABATEPAC is elected annually by the Board of Directors. He or she is an ABATE State Officer. This person is the official spokesman and representative of ABATE of California on all political issues. The PAC Chairman is also responsible for all political action and political policy (subject to Board approval), the direction of all lobbying efforts and the chairing and operation of the PAC committee. The Chairman maintains information regarding motorcycle statistics, legislation, and other political news, and, as necessary, represents ABATE of California at political meetings, traffic safety groups, workshops and any other activities which affect motorcycling and its freedom. The PAC Chairman will also fulfill any responsibilities that have been assigned to him by the Bylaws of ABATE or by actions from the Board of Directors


ABATEPAC has a Vice Chairman (appointed by the PAC Chairman, ratified by Board of Directors ) who conducts meetings if the Chairman cannot be present. The Vice Chairman is also responsible for any duties the PAC Chairman delegates to him.


ABATEPAC has a Treasurer (appointed by the ABATEPAC Chairman, ratified by the Board of Directors  who is responsible for maintaining the records and accounts for both ABATEPAC and for ABATE's registered lobbyist. The Treasurer of ABATEPAC is one of the most important positions in ABATE of California because of the relatively large amounts of money involved, the need to keep track of contributions, and the need to give proper recognition to those who contribute. The PAC Treasurer is also responsible for all paperwork required by the state to be a sponsored Political Action Committee.


ABATEPAC has a Legislative Information Officer (appointed by the ABATEPAC Chairman, ratified by the Board of Directors) whose responsibility is to maintain contact with the Local PAC Officers through mailings, telephone and fax messages. This is in order to inform Locals of impending political actions which may need their attention or involvement. Local PAC officers are encouraged to contact this Information Officer when they have any questions or comments about political issues.

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