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Saturday, June 22, 2024

About the Bailing Wire

The Bailing Wire newsletter is published monthly by the ABATE Newsletter Editor. With a current circulation of over 10,000, The Bailing Wire reaches both the current membership and many other riders within California and across the country. It is the main source of information to ABATE members. Current meeting places for the Locals and telephone numbers for the current State Officers and Board Members are listed in the newsletter.

It also contains the latest information about ABATEPAC and the most current political news affecting motorcycling, Local news, motorcycle-interest advertisements, event flyers and more. As such, it is an excellent recruiting tool for recruiting new members.

The cost of The Bailing Wire is carried by the generous support from RUSS BROWN MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEYS, advertising and membership dues. The Bailing Wire staff endeavors to complete and ship the newsletter by the end of each month, and is bulk-shipped to all members. Extra copies are also distributed to each Local, motorcycle-related businesses and others, as requested. Additional copies for events or special purposes are available, but requests for additional copies must be submitted to the ABATE State Office in advance. 

Click here to DOWNLOAD the latest issues of The Bailing Wire.  Copies are available through business members and through your local.  If you wish to have a copy mailed to you contact the State Office for details.

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